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CLE Course:  Fall-out from Giustina and Cullifer and other recent USTC cases provides insight into the proper handling of valuation related audit issues. This presentation provides an update on current valuation issues in the USTC and IRS Audits.  Attendees will also learn about the three main approaches to determining Fair Market Value and defendable discounts.  The presentation will be open-ended allowing for discussions of attendees experiences, questions and scenarios.

ACTEC Fellows & Their Colleagues Presentation

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Schedule a Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Luncheon at Your Office Today

We provide Continuing Legal Education (CLE) hours during our presentations.  We are available to meet in your office and provide lunch for the attendees.  We have five different presentations regarding different topics in Business Valuation for Family Law, Tax and Estate, and Corporate Attorneys.  Our Legal Education Series focus on:  Discounts and Premiums, Family Law Matters, and the Current State of Affairs for Business Valuation throughout the United States and specifically in Illinois. (The Presentation qualifies for 1 hour Illinois CLE or CPE)

Our most recent addition to our CLE Luncheon Programs (1) Hour Presentation Topics:

Wisdom from the Battlefield 

  Overview of Valuation Topics for Family Law Practices

Surviving The IRS Valuation Audit

How to Review and Cross Examine a Business Valuation Expert’s Report

Program Agenda & Takeaways:

  • 5 Areas Where Appraisals Often Lack Credibility
  • Techniques and Line of Questioning to Test the Soundness of the Expert’s Report
  • Discussion of Synergies, Buy-Sells, Value Defined Clauses, and Oppression Claims
  • Special Scenario Discussions
  • Q&A

The Presentation will be based on an actual Report in a discussion style learning session.

The lunch and presentation will be sponsored and arranged by

Corporate Valuation Services, Inc. at either your office’s conference room or ours.

Presentation by:
James Arogeti, CFA, CVA

        Please contact our office to make arrangements:

Email: cmcnally@corporatevaluationservices.com

Phone: (312) 324-0376