Our Professionals View With The Utmost Importance

Our analysis is crucial to our Clients' decision making and dispute resolution processes. Our Clients rely on our Valuation and Forensic Services for the following:

  • Tax, Estate, and Gift Planning
  • Marriage Dissolutions
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Shareholder Buyout


What Our Team Says

Our goal is to produce credible opinions suitable for presentation to any Trier of Fact.


Our aim is to support our clients. At the beginning of each engagement, I assume that my opinion may be heard in a Court of Law.

James Arogeti CFA, CVA

Experience and Accreditations

underscore our commitment to delivering the highest quality reports. Our Professionals hold accreditation’s by the American Society of AppraisersAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the National Association of Certified Public Valuation Analysts.

Valuation Practice Commitment

to Chicago’s business community with our participation in Illinois CPA SocietyAssociation for Corporate Growth (ACG), Chicago Estate Planning CouncilDuPage County Estate Planning CouncilNorthwest Suburban Estate Planning CouncilGreater North Shore Estate Planning CouncilDivorce Illinois and other professional organizations. Our involvement in these organizations further highlight our commitment to the highest level of expertise in Business Valuations, Forensic Accounting, and Financial Expert Witness Testimony.

Authored Published Articles

in both local and national publications. We regularly make presentations to law firms and other organizations on the latest Business Valuation topics. We have been invited to speak at CPA Societies, Bar Associations, CCH’s Tax Seminars, Estate Planning Councils, and Private Law Firms. Our Presentations meet the Continuing Legal Education standards (CLE) in Illinois as well as other state bar associations.

Our experts have been deposed and given trial testimony

relating to matters in Federal Court (7th Circuit) opposed to the SEC, Chancery Court (Illinois, Michigan and Ohio), Family Law Court (Illinois), and Federal Tax Court (7th and 6th Circuit) opposed to the IRS.

Corporate Valuation Services, Inc. views our work as a critical part of your argument.  We are here for you and your Clients seek answers to the question:  What is the Value of This Business?

Our Professional Partnerships Include:


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Our Professionals hold accreditations by the American Society of Appraisers, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, National Association of Certified Public Valuation Analysts underscoring our commitment to the highest level of expertise in Business Valuations, Financial Modeling, Forensic Accounting and Financial Expert Witness Testimony.

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