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Our Chicago office location can be found at 125 S. Wacker Drive Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60606. We provide business valuation, tax planning, family law, corporate finance, financial reporting, and more for our clients. Our clients typically consist of businesses or high networth individuals seeking financial services. Our experts have provided these services for a variety of clients. At a large scale, our services are very valuable as financials become more and more complex. We properly analyze all the information and present you with an analysis so you have the proper data to make future decisions.

125 S. Wacker Drive
Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60606

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Why Choose Corporate Valuation Services

We have been serving the business and financial industry as a source for solving complex financial situations for Chicago based businesses. Also, we often have business ventures that are wrapped up in the personal lives of people, who, for example, are going through a divorce and the business needs to be valued with assets split appropriately between the parties. This may require income analysis, lifestyle analysis, allocation of business’s goodwill, and much more. Typically, we would start with a business valuation to determine the overall worth of the business and assets. As part of our track record, our team has been published in a variety of magazines and newsletters for their knowledge and expertise. Our experience runs deep and is well documented for matters before the Internal Revenue Service.

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Reduce uncertainty and put yourself in the best position to make informed decisions with our business valuation and family law financial services. Our ability to disct large amounts of information and convert it to presentable data for your benefit is a great resource that can help 


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Our Professionals hold accreditations by the American Society of Appraisers, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, National Association of Certified Public Valuation Analysts underscoring our commitment to the highest level of expertise in Business Valuations, Financial Modeling, Forensic Accounting and Financial Expert Witness Testimony.

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